North Central Theatre is funded entirely by box office sales and the generosity of our business sponsors and patrons.

Your donation to Friends of NCHS Theatre helps offset the cost of producing our season as well as helping student achievement in theatre. 100% donation goes directly to funding the programs at NCHS Theatre including sets, lights, costumes as well as helping students attend trips, theatre festivals, competitions and the TOPPS Scholarship Fund. Your donations go a long way to help us produce rich, quality work that entertains and educates. Best of all, your donation of $100 or more will gain you early access for tickets to the shows you love!

Many employers offers fund or donation matching made toward a non-profit organization. North Central High School is 501(c) organization, so please remember to check with your employer to see if they offer such provisions. Matching donations make your dollars stretch even further!

2016-2017 Friends

Executive Producer $500 +

The Advancement Center For Washington Township Schools
Sleeping Giant Creative

​Director $300-$399

Grandma Mervis
Simon & Solomon Family
Jennifer Simon

Leading Actor $200-$299

Robert Herzog & Kay Swank-Herzog
The Wehlage Family
Amy Judge-Prein
The Freese Family
Carl, Kathleen & Anne Sisk
David & Joann Wehlage
J.A. and Elizabeth Lacy

Supporting Actor $100-$199

Hope & Ralph Power
Ben Solomon and Family
Rick and Jill Whitten
Jane Nolan
Jon & Andrea Pactor
Drs. Anthony & Jennifer Hill
Jamie Cottingham — in memory of a fan
CE Quandt

Cameo $25-$99

Timothy Yarling

My experiences in NC Theatre have given me invaluable lessons in perseverance, thorough preparation, and an unparalleled commitment to excellence.

NC Theatre Graduate