Behind the Con with Nathan Shewell

Nathan ShewellNorth Central Theatre went behind the scenes for an exclusive interview with North Central Theatre Director, Nathan Shewell. Here’s an exclusive look at his take behind the con and the groups upcoming musical performance Catch Me If You Can.

What’s your name?

“Nathan Shewell.”

How are you apart of Catch Me If You Can?

“I’m the Director.”

Why did you pick this show for NC Theatre?

“Selecting shows is a complicated process but Catch Me If You Can offered numerous roles for our kids; it tells a wonderful story about redemption and is a true story.”

What is your favorite part of the rehearsal process?

“Seeing it all come together. Once we start putting all the little things together and kids start seeing the big picture it wonderful to see how the show begins to shape and how the kids respond to the energy it creates.”

What do you think audiences will connect with in this show?

“This story is so outrageous it doesn’t seem possible, yet it is a true story, and I think a lot of our audience can understand the desire to just run away and have an adventure, which is exactly what Frank does, albeit illegally; however, this really all stems from the divorce of his parents. Broken homes are all too common these days and I imagine a great deal of our audiences will connect with the emotions of a teenager dealing with the divorce of his parents and the need to simply get away.”

Why is NC Theatre important to the community?

“NC Theatre strives to do more than just produce plays. We recognize that we are a part of the community and we work to find ways to give back. This year, with support from the Advancement Center, we have partnered with local senior community living centers to provide free tickets to seniors who would not normally be able to see the show. The non-profit group ARPO, Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership, will be bringing in a couple of dogs available for adoption like they did at last year’s show. Finally, Thespians we will be conducting a fundraiser for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids during the show with a silent auction booth and donation collection bins.”

What’s the easiest way to get involved with NC Theatre?

“Visit and click on Play a Part. You can sign up to be a TOPPS Member, which is the adult and parent group that support us. You can also sponsor a business or donate to Friends of NC Theatre.”

Keep an eye out for weekly interviews with some of our cast members. We’ll be publishing an exclusive look behind the con each week, all the way up until curtain call on November 13, 2015. And don’ t forget to buy your tickets!

My experiences in NC Theatre have given me invaluable lessons in perseverance, thorough preparation, and an unparalleled commitment to excellence.

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