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Winter One Acts 2020

February 20, 2020 - February 21, 2020

North Central High School  |  1801 E 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240

Thursday, 2/20 @7pm, Friday, 2/21 @4pm & 7pm | PAC Door #24

No two are alike! Mystery, comedy, and adventure abound in this evening of exciting theater. These plays showcase the talents of Repertory Theatre’s budding student directors.

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A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Fifth Period by Jason Pizzarello

Directed by: Brigitte Brase
Genre: Comedy/farce
Rating:  PG

To win his freedom from school bully Bugs, smart aleck Tommy offers to help him get a date to the prom with popular actress Stephanie Mezaluna. But the only way to get her attention is to convince her that Bugs is a famous actor in hiding, and as one cover-up leads to another, it’s not long before a jock, Steve, is parading as Bug’s slick New York agent, and Tommy is stuck trying to get Steve’s sister a date to the prom. Of course, prom tickets are only on sale until fifth period — so Tommy has to act fast and try to control the chaos in this wild high school hallway farce.


Phantoms by Laurie Woodward

Directed by Kyarah Morgan
Genre: Drama
Rating:  PG

A school field trip ended abruptly when a car swerved in front of the school bus, and now, Amy and Tammy are back in the classroom trying to recall what happened after the harrowing incident but they can’t seem to communicate with their friends and teachers, who act as if the two aren’t there! Slowly, the two realize they are caught, suspended in another dimension, and trying desperately to get back to the real world where their family and friends are frantically trying to coax them back with love, affection, and warmth. A haunting and eerie play, yet a beautiful, heartwarming fantasy.


Bridal Terrorism by Bill Rosenfield

Directed by Kiri Woodruff
Genre: comedy/farce
Rating:  PG

Lionel anticipates a quiet afternoon in the park. Just as he settles on a bench with a book, an armed woman in a wedding gown approaches with her bridal retinue. May has booked the church and the reception hall. All she needs is a groom, and Lionel looks like a good prospect.

I am a BIG fan of musical theater. North Central musical productions compare with the best I have seen in the last 50 years!

C E Quandt