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An illustration of a wolf howling and a roaring fire under the words “Winter One Acts 2021”

Winter One Acts 2021

February 12 - February 14

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Watch Online, February 12 – 14

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Law & Order: Fairy Tale Unit by Jonathan Rand

Genre: Comedy
Rating:  G
Synopsis: In the fairy tale criminal justice system, the characters from fairy tales and nursery rhymes are represented by two separate yet equally ridiculous groups: the fairy tale police who investigate fairy tale crime, and the fairy tale district attorneys who prosecute the fairy tale offenders. These are their stories.

High School Musi-pocalypse by Don Zolidis

Genre: Comedy
Rating:  G
Synopsis: When hunky star basketball player Cory and gorgeous smart girl Alejandra are chosen to star in Miss Farkus’ winter musical, their story seems suspiciously similar to a certain popular film…and one lawyer won’t stand for it. But a potential lawsuit is the least of the cast’s problems: money is running out, and the depressing script doesn’t seem likely to generate sales. Luckily, an Ancient Mayan exchange student has written a blockbuster musical disaster—and it’s guaranteed to be the most volcanic, destructive, and lucrative musical any high school has ever seen.

Being a part of North Central Theatre has fulfilled one of my greatest desires. I cannot speak highly enough of the training I've received here. Not only has it changed me as an individual but as an artist as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Joey Mervis