What is Stage Crew?

The North Central High School Stage Crew is a service club that provides all technical assistance in scenery, lighting, sound, properties, wardrobe and makeup for plays produced in the auditorium and in the Performing Arts Classroom. We also provide tech support for Performing Arts Department concerts. Stage Crew responsibilities are divided into two general crews: production and run.


Production Crew

Production crews work on one or more of the 4 plays produced by the Performing Arts Department. The production crew puts the show together, but does NOT work the performances. They work on the technical elements needed for the play.  they build the scenery, hang the lights, record the sound, sew costumes, etc. To participate in NC Stage Production Crew, all you have to do apply and attend attend shop calls. Shop calls are work sessions which happen after school, in the weeks leading up to the play’s performances.

Shop calls usually occur 2 to 4 times a week from 2:50pm until 5:00pm on Tuesdays through Fridays;  3:30pm – 5:30pm on Mondays. A complete calendar of shop calls can be found on the door to the scene shop, D145. You can also see a complete list of our shows in our events section.

Run Crew

Members of NC Theatre Run Crew will supervise and operate (“run”) the various technical aspects of the production during all performances. Students responsibilities on run crew include stage managing, light board operation, sound board operation, deck managers, deck crew, fly crew, properties head, properties crew, wardrobe, hair and makeup.

Application forms can be obtained from Technical Director. Performances usually occur Thursday through Sunday.

You may work on either a production crew or a run crew. You may work on one crew for one show or both crews for all shows or any combination thereof. The number of crews worked is dependent upon your desired level of commitment.

North Central Theatre has given me a space to be myself, something that I do not have anywhere else

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